1. Cruising | 2014

  2. Dodds - No Comply | 2014

    A few months back we decided to skate Lisburn, God only knows why but it turned out to be a pretty good day nonetheless.  There was then mention of a spot referred only to as “Billy’s Bowl”. 

    Not fully understanding why it was called this one of the boys miraculously knew where it was so we made our way over only to be greeted by numerous union jack flags…sorry I mean Flegs.  The penny then finally dropped as to why it was known as Billy’s Bowl.

    After Lewis stopped browning himself and calmed down, Dodds got to work on this no comply whilst I happily snapped it all the time looking over my shoulder for the ghost of old Billy himself.

  3. Jeff - Feeble | 2014

    A few of the boys from Banbridge ventured up to the big smoke a few months ago after the sun made it’s first surprise appearance of the year. As always we ended up at Bridges, but after some quick persuasion Jeff was down to get a photo as this almost forgotten spot just round the corner.

  4. Jeff - Frontside 180 | 2014

    We were out skating back in May and after the boys started to fade off one by one and leave there was myself, Jeff and Dodds left to amuse ourselves. 

    We eventually called it a night and headed to the nearest shop to get some drinks, when Jeff noticed the concrete ramps of a car wash and thought he could skate it.  After many many attempts of trying to skate off the top he opted for a 180 between the board thin ramps for the lawds.

  5. Go Skateboarding Day - Belfast | 2014

    Few photos from the Skateboard:NI event a couple of weeks ago

  6. Dawson - Firecracker | 2014

  7. Jeff - Footplant | 2014

    It had been decided that Sunday was to be reserved for a mission somewhere, anywhere outside of Banbridge.  But with the dark clouds chasing us we played it safe and went to the only dry spot we could think of, the Driving Range.  Not long after we got there Marne arrived with a car load of more lads and it was then that Jeff got to work on this wallplant, despite the flimsy metal that remains almost claiming him a few times.

  8. Taylor, Boneless | 2014

    We were at Bridges (yet again) in Belfast last week and Lilley was kind enough to help me out in getting a photo of this boneless over the hip…cheers pal!

  9. Lilley - Crooked | 2014

    We were out a couple of weeks ago celebrating my turning 25 with an evening skate.  After the beers took effect we dragged this salt bin out and Lilley quickly got to work with a crooked grind.

    It is quite fitting that I now post this on his 25th birthday, two weeks later.  So Happy Birthday to one of my best friends, I hope it’s as messy as your hair.

  10. Jeff - Frontside Flip to Tail | 2014

  11. Lewis - Pole Jam | 2014

  12. Jeff - Frontside Flip Tail Stall | 2014 

  13. Jeff - Madonna | 2014

  14. Taylor’s Tip on how to make a shit spot look good:

    1. Lie with your face in the ground.
    2. Hope the board doesn’t smack you in the face.

    Thankfully Jeff landed this kickflip without incident…

  15. Jeff - Ollie | 2014