1. Ethan asked me to come out and film a line for the next BrambleHood video and we ended up getting a sequence along with a clip…the kids got skills!

  2. Jeff - Feeble | 2014

    Friday nights seems to be reserved for a T13 session and last week was no exception…well bar Jeff getting a feeble down the long rail we thought to be impossible.

  3. Mark - Back Disaster | 2014

    With a style that is recognized throughout the emerald isle Marne delivers this flawless back disaster.

  4. Jeff - Kickflip | 2014

  5. Jeff - Tailslide | 2014

    Standard Friday night banter at T13

  6. Dodds - Back Smith, SofD | 2014

    We thought we might be in luck with some dry weather last Friday so decided to load up the car and take the hour and half journey to Dublin only to find it was pissing it down…as usual. 

    What then resulted was me driving around for an hour trying to find a dry skatepark, the boys drinking Dutch Gold’s and Rum and (after finding no dry parks) a 2 hour wait for SofD to open.  Thank fuck I at least got one picture…

  7. Ethan - Frontside Boardslide Transfer Fakie

    The trick name sounds like crap, but nowhere near as crap as this spot is.  Only a few tricks have gone down here and young Ethan is the proud owner of one such trick.

    You may also see this up on the Precision page…so go on over there, have a look and help out a local skate scene.

    Precision Community Group

  8. Jeff, Back 50-50 | 2014

    Jeff was in skate hibernation for almost two years after becoming a postman, until recently he started delivering tricks on some harsh Banbridge spots

  9. Jeff, 50-50 | 2014


  10. Ethan, Boneless Footplant | 2014

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Banbridge has being going through phases of popularity lately.  First every kid was on a skateboard, then they got tired of not being able to ollie (I imagine) and swiftly moved on to the dreaded scooter phase where a lot of them are still stuck, until finally others moved beyond this phase to BMX.

    However the dedicated few who stayed skating have now harnessed their skills and are getting pretty damn good…insert our first example; Ethan Bonar getting this boneless footplant with ease and finesse…keep it up kids!

  11. Paddy Lynn, Pivot Fakie | 2014

    I am currently shooting a project and thought the long forgotten about driving range spot would be good for it and after battling the sunlight with flashes for a while it eventually set, but Paddy Lynn managed to battle though a darker situation than Charlie Murphy to get this pivot fakie.  Cheers my man.


  12. Jeff - Feeble 5050 180 out | 2014

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    Our wee mate Jeff stopped skating almost two years ago.  With a demanding job delivering post to all the boys, a fiance and an ever increasing addiction to online games taking precedent we thought he was lost to the history books.  Until one day he sent a picture showing us his new setup, so we got him out for a session (once the harsh Irish weather let up) and he hasn’t missed a step stacking 3 photos, 3 sequences and a video clip in a week…welcome back

  13. DIY, Belfast | 2014

    This infamous spot in Belfast thought to be lost to chavs, roof stealing gypsies and harsh weather has been resurrected from the blood, sweat and tears of a dedicated few.  The Monkeybird Social Club lives…

  14. Jamie, Tattoo | 2014

    So my younger brother has become a man.  He is turning 21 pretty soon and decided to celebrate this with a tattoo, it looks fucking rad and ties in great with the existing one on his back (that he got when he was 18).  I’ll post another shot like this when he has it finished off.  Well done kid…bet it hurt kid

  15. Mary | 2014

    I tried my hand at airbrushing today (not that my girlfriend needs it).  I just wanted to get rid of some blemishes and smooth over the skin really seeing as I am starting to get some more photography work and I’m certain a lot of self conscious people will want to look “their best”